Update 5/25/2021

Aloha Family,

It’s been a couple weeks since our last update. I hope today’s email finds you well and safe, happy and healthy.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced this past year we continue to press forward to give you the world changing platform we set out to do.

First off I’d like to ask for your prayers for Flbossbabe’s father in law. I will not get into specifics but just know that your prayers are needed at this time.

Secondly an update for klipsworld is coming and should be up in a couple days. I made some changes, changes that will set us on a path to success.

I do however need your trust and continued patience as we move towards the finish line. My goal has always and will always be to share Aloha with the world through the platforms I release and I hope you can cherish and respect the vision and difference we are going to make.

Be patient, be safe and be blessed always

Mr Klips n Team

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