Lets Stay Positive

Aloha Klips Members,

Let me clear some confusion. Klips World is not Klips App, it’s 2 very different platforms. Some of you seem to think it’s the original app I shared with you months ago and it’s not. Klips World was created as an interim platform for our members to get to know each other. Klips World has since been removed while it goes through an overhaul.

Now lately myself and my team have been getting some disrespectful emails and messages. That stops now. I said awhile back that I will be turning off my Dm’s to focus on things yet a few individuals think otherwise. We will be sending out updates every 2 weeks from here on out regardless if we have updates or not. It has been a rough road this past year for all of us including you I’m sure so let’s relax, be patient and keep supporting what we are trying to complete. I will also be filing charges against those that choose to slander my name, my company name or any of my team members. I promise the wait will be worth it and these struggles will pass. Please take care and remain safe wherever you may be. Aloha


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