Aloha Klips Family

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I urge all members to read through entire update so we are not answering the same questions. We need to free up the support for those who really need it. Thanks for your understanding.

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All founding members do NOT have to pay again. Only the .99 to download the app. Unfortunately there was no way to bypass that part.

Please be sure to read all the way thro

ugh as this will answer many questions you may have.

A letter from our owner and founder...

Aloha Klips Family,

I hope you all are doing well and remaining safe through this pandemic. As you all know and some have voiced several times in not-so-nice ways it’s been a long journey.

First off I want to thank you for allowing me to keep chasing the dream and I’m proud to announce that the dream is here.

Klips App is now available on Android and IOS.

Is it complete? Absolutely not…

Rome as well as TikTok was not built in a day so erase that from your thoughts if you think my app is complete.

It will be a work in progress with periodical updates being released until it’s where I want it to be.

My stand on an 18 n over app still implies and the only way I could accommodate that was to make it a paid app. 99 cents.

Unfortunately we tried everything and there was no way around it and yes even the own

er and my team had to pay to download it.

Livestream and gifting will be added in the next 15-30 days. It’s a huge project so again keep that in mind.

Your followers will be added as time goes by, I could’ve waited until everything was fixed then launched but due to some unruly individuals I did not have that luxury.

Please keep the emails to a minimum as we know and are aware of what’s not working at this time. Updates are already in progress and will be rolling out all month.

1 small change I did do is, no unverified users will be able to go live on Klips which will help in keeping the app safe.