How Is Our App Different

There will be numerous things on our App that you will not find on others. To protect the exact functions from being stolen we will not be giving it out in detail. What we can share is the numerous options our users will have to grow their personal or business through our App. Both big and small accounts will be treated the same. This is truly an App for the people. 

Launch Date

Due to unexpected delays with Covid and other unforeseen issues, we are currently waiting for our Developers to give us a new launch date. 

 We understand that everyone is excited and we are working around the clock with our devolvement team. 

Founding members and VIP members will be emailed every couple of weeks with an update as to our progress as we get closer.

It is important to us that our founding members enjoy this journey with us. 

Creative Content Censorship

As an 18 and over app we are creating an atmosphere where children will not be subjected to behaviors you wouldn't want your child to see.

Our App will allow you to have the freedom to post almost anything you desire. 

Now with that being said, Klips app is NOT an app for violence, nudity, or crimes.

Klips app is a safe place for you to be creative and create short videos to enjoy with others. 

You will have the freedom to grow whether it be your personal content, business content, family content or just to have fun.

We don't believe in shadow banning. We believe in equality for all. 


Terms & Conditions

Our Promise

As the new kid on the block, we have learned from others before us. Our developers have gained knowledge and experience in the field of creating Apps.

From our developers, security team, marketing, customer service to our CEO, we promise to treat you like family.

This App is being created to help you, too bring fun, and to grow your business or brand.

If you're our 1st account or our 1 billion account, you will be our priority.

We truly believe in equality. 

Will Our App Be Free?

The first version of our App will be available on Android and IOS.

Version 2 of Klips is exciting because we will release a web version of the App.

 To prevent trolls, bullies and under our age requirement Klips will be a one time $.99 to use.

We will have in App purchases available should you choose to participate. 

Again we want to create a safe space for our creators.

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