Frequently asked questions

When is the estimated launch date for the app

Everything is coming to an end. We have no submitted everything to the google play store and we are waiting on confirmation to sumbit to the apple store. ITS COMING!

Is it a silver coin?

It is more like a poker chip. The manufactures our company originally used could not produce in a timely fashion so we went with a US veteran who manufacturing our tokens.

Is this a US-based app?

Yes! It is built and data stored in the Unite States!

Will the app be FREE?

To prevent trolls, bullies, and under aged requirements there will be a 1 time fee of $0.99

Will the app be available to all devices?

The app will be available on IOS and Google Play Store. There will be a web version available in the future.

Where is Klips located

The headquarters are located in Maui Hawaii. It is very important to us that developed, designed and housed in the US.

How do I become a founding member?

Unfortunetly there are no more founding member spots available.

Where is my coin?

They are still being shipped. There was a delay due to the pandemic and we had a late start on shipping them out. Please patient, they are coming. Remember your buying a founding member spot, the coin is a token of appreciation and something you can show off to your friends. We are working hard on getting them out. We appreciate your understanding. We are only getting 500 a week at this time. So please patient.

If I am a VIP, Can I upgrade to a Founding Member?

No, unfortunetly we are do not have founding member spots availabe anymore.

How do I get into private chat with other VIP and founding members?

We are no longer in discord. We have shut it down and we moved everyone over to our newest platform "Klips world" which is FREE to use.

Where can I find updates?

You can go under "Updates tab" on our website. You can also go to Facebook, and Instagram. TikTok user name (for updates)- Klips.Pr.Person We have now started doing updates in Klips world.

Why cant I sign in? I signed up on the old website

When we transfered everyone over from the old website to the new one, it wouldnt allow us to merge everything over. So we backed everyone up to a database and you will have to log into the new website as a new member. Otherwise we would have had to charge everyone twice. We didnt want to do that so we backed everything up and your info was NOT lost. We still have you in our system. No worries. Your good!!

My package got here and the coin isnt in it, what do I do?

This has been brought to our attention that there are slits where the coin has been taken out or the envelope has been torn. Please email and we will resend another one to you once all coins are all caught up.

If I dont want to sign up now, will I ever be able to be verified

Once the app drops there will be a 3 month waiting period. Once the waiting period is over, we will be accepting requests for verification. However this does NOT mean that you will be verified or accepted. There is a process.

Who owns Klips App?

All Pono LLC owns Klips App

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